Digital Clock Properties

The default Digital Clock object looks like the one to the right:

It displays the current system time. You can change it by using the Time Offset spin-box (see the bottom of this page).

A text-formatting toolbar appears upon double-clicking on the digital clock object:

Use this toolbar to edit the digital clock’s common text attributes (such as font, size, color, blur, shadow, etc.) and background attributes. This toolbar has already been described in the Text template properties section above.

If you click once on your Digital Clock item, the toolbar below will appear below the standard X-Pert Graphics toolbars

The Digital clock has four modes of operation. It can run as a [clock] or a [counter], or it can display [Long] or [Short Date].

While in [clock] mode, the object runs as an ordinary digital clock. You can choose its time format through the 12/24 hours clock button. The twelve-hour time format is active when the button is pressed, and the twenty-four hours format – when it is not pressed.

The background color is changeable through the Palette  button.

Select a mask for the clock in the Mask drop-down menu. Update the mask by using the green arrows button  next to it. If you have changed the mask, you will have to press this button to show it on the display.

In [counter] mode some additional options are available. You can select the counter to be countdown by pressing the Countdown button. If you push this button, the counter will count from an Initial time to a Stop time or until the Stop box is checked. If not pushed, the counter will count up. After selecting the counter type and entering the Initial and Stop times, as well as a Mask, you are ready to run your Counter. Run your project and show your object by using the well-known Play  button. Then, Prepare  your counter and Start  it.

After pressing the Prepare button your counter sets to Initial time and waits for a Start command. Stop the counter with the  button. Pushing the Intermediate  button will “freeze” the counter. During freeze, the counter will be running in the background but you will see a still frame, displaying the time of the counter from the moment, when the Intermediate button has been pressed. When you push the Intermediate button once more, the counter will start showing the current time again.

Two buttons are active for both the [clock] and [counter] modes – Properties  and Visible . Pressing Properties opens the font formatting dialog. The Visible button determines if the Clock/Counter will be visible on the monitor, or not. It does not stop the clock/counter but it just hides/shows it.

Time Offset – This spin-box allows for creating digital clocks for different time zones.

In [Date] mode the object will display the system date instead of the system time. There are two date formats: [Long Date] and [Short Date]. Their appearance depends on the regional settings of your X-Pert Graphics server. You can change them in Windows Control PanelRegional and Language OptionsRegional Options. After pressing the Customize button, go to the Date tab. There you can check your current system date settings and change them at your will.