Auto mode

This command opens the Auto Mode Settings dialog.


In the Media source field specify the path to the Auto mode config file.


The Scan period spin-box indicates by default that X-Pert Quality Check performs tests at predefined regular intervals of 30 seconds.

To Add/Edit a source directory for file verification, right-click somewhere in the Media source list area, and then click Add/Edit source.


You can add as many source directories as you would like to be automatically scanned. If you would like to temporary exclude a source for content verification from the Media source list, just leave it unchecked (as in the example to the right).

After clicking Add/Edit source, the Add/Edit Auto Mode Settings dialog opens up.



From the Media source drop-down list, choose what type of source to be used for testing (a folder, playlist or a text file).

The Source folder type drop-down list appears only in case a Folder is specified for Media source.

If you would like X-Pert Quality Check to check also the subfolders situated in the source directory for checking, check the Include sub-folders check-box.

To assign a test preset to an existing Media source, select it from the Test pre-set drop-down list and click OK. A new row appears in the Auto Mode Settings configuration dialog.

The Auto Remove Time Period field is situated to the bottom of the Auto Mode Settings dialog. By default it is set to 23 hours and 59 min. This option compares the current time and date with the date of the last file verification performed. If more than 23 hours and 59 minutes have elapsed since the last file verification, X-Pert Quality Check will remove all media sources which remained in the Media source list for a period. longer than 23 hours and 59 min.