The General Settings configuration dialog contains the following sections:

Memory settings

To limit the number of entries, displayed in the test log at the bottom of the X-Pert Quality Check window, enable the Limited number of messages in the list (recommended) option, and then specify the Maximum number of messages from the spin-box below.

File settings

To save the contents of the test log to a text file, enable the Log to file option. Specify the maximum size (in kilobytes) of the log file from the Log file max size (KB) spin-box tot the right. The default log file size is 10 MB.

NOTE: When the log file reaches the specified size, X-Pert Quality Check will start writing the log messages to a new file.

In the Output folder name field below, specify the folder to which log files should be saved. By default, X-Pert Quality Check log files are saved in C:\ProgramData\X-Pert\QCT\LOGs.

Tests configuration path

In the Folder name field, specify the file path to the QCTTestConfig.xml. This is a configuration file for the tests, performed by X-Pert Quality Check. It contains information about all test presets, available in X-Pert Quality Check. If you create a custom preset, information about it will also be written to that file.


Parallel processing

In the Number of tasks spin-box, select the number of tasks files which will be processed simultaneously by X-Pert Quality Check.

NOTE: Increasing the number of tasks results in higher CPU usage!

Simultaneous tasks and their status are displayed above the Test Log in the main X-Pert Quality Check window:

Auto restart

Under Auto restart, check the Enable auto-restart mode checkbox to allow automated application restart at a user-defined period of time. Select the day of week, on which X-Pert Quality Check will be restarted from the drop-own list below. Specify the time of restart from the spin-box to the right.

NOTE: When in Auto-restart mode, X-Pert Quality Check will be restarted on the specified time and day every week, unless the settings are changed.