The X-Pert Quality Check Toolbar

The X-Pert Quality Check Toolbar provides quick access to important X-Pert Quality Check functionalities. Icons on the toolbar match some of the commands, available on the Menu bar.

 New QCT Source (Folder) – select a folder with media files for tests.

 New QCT Source (Playlist) – select a source playlist. Media files that match playlist items will be checked. Files can be stored on different locations. Only files in the *.ply format are supported!

 New QCT Source (Set of files) – select multiple files from a single location.

 New QCT Source (Text file) – load a text file, containing a list of files for test, including their file paths. The files should be listed in the following format:


 Clear Logs –  clears the test log.

 Clear Files Set and Logs – clears the file list in the Files set, and the test log.

 Start Tests – starts the test procedure.

 Stop Tests – stops the test procedure.