Chat Line

Chat line objects appear in the work area as the one below.

Chat lines, like Chat notes, are developed to display text messages, coming from SMS service applications. Chat line objects should be linked to text files, where third-party applications save the newly-received messages. Unlike Chat notes, the messages in chat lines are moving constantly, even if there are no new messages arriving in the linked text file. When a new message appears there, it will be displayed during the next queue rotation.


The Chat line toolbar contains the following settings:

 Font Dialog - use this button to format the chat line font.

Paragraph Dialog - paragraph formatting allows you to change the alignment, spacing, word wrap, and other properties of the currently selected paragraph.

You can change the speed of the text through the Speed spin-box: the higher value, the faster will move the text. If you want to change the direction, type a minus [-] in front the speed value.

The Queue Length spin-box is used to define the number of messages to be displayed in the Chat line. By default, it is three ‘3’, which means that in the Chat line you can see only three messages at a time. When a new message appears in the linked file, it will be displayed at first place in the Chat-line object. The oldest message will disappear, so the number of the messages in the Chat-line will remain three (3).