Quick Start

1.Launch X-Pert Quality Check.

2.Go to Settings > Test Presets. The Tests Settings dialog will open.

3.In the Test settings dialog, select a predefined test from the Test presets field.




          Define a custom test preset: right-click somewhere in the Test presets field, select Add, and enter a name to the new preset. Select the test plug-in(s), which will be used to verify the content from the All available test plugins lists and click OK.




1.On the File menu, select a New QCT source. The source can be a Folder, an X-Pert Playout playlist, a Set of files, or a Text file.

2.In the New QCT source dialog that follows, specify a Media Source location. This is the location where the media files for tests are stored.


3.Select a Test preset from the drop-down list and click OK. All the files from the specified location will be listed in the Files set area of the main X-Pert Quality Check window.

4.Go to Tests > Start to start the test procedure.


Congratulations! You have just started X-Pert Quality Check!