Browser Properties

The browser object uses Internet Explorer to display web pages as graphics on the screen.

As soon as you release the mouse key after drawing the object’s rectangle, the Open page dialog will appear in the work area. Type in the URL you would like to browse, or paste it from the clipboard.

Once you click OK, the object-specific toolbar will open under the standard toolbars:

In it, you can type another URL to be loaded in the browser object:

The Properties 2  button will invoke the Browser Open Dialog. In it, you can see the currently loaded web page. If the object’s dimensions are smaller than the page itself, you can use the scrolls to select which part of the page to be shown on screen.

IMPORTANT: If a link in the webpage is set to open in a new window, you will not be able to open it in the same browser object. There is no practical way to grasp such a window into the same object.

WARNING! Do not minimize X-Pert Graphics while using browser objects! This will make the objects disappear off the screen!

WARNING! Do not close the preview window, as it might freeze the source web site.