Style Conventions

File names, software, documents or terms are written in italics

The data is written in the settings.ini file.

The file is located in C:\Program Files\DMT\X-Pert Playout

For further information read Shortcuts reference book.

The VTR is controlled via RS-422.

Direct quotations from the computer screen are presented as follows:

Menu Items and commands

Tab/Page names

Column names (i.e. in a playlist or another grid)

Field names, check boxes


Screen readings are written in [square brackets]

The keyboard keys are enclosed in <> signs

Terms are defined in the Glossary at the end of the manual

The arrows, used in the setting procedures mean as follows:

 A menu item follows;

 A page(tab) name follows;

 A field name, a check box name, or a value name follows.

Except for arrows, you can distinguish between the relevant menu categories also by the styles, listed above.