Screen Capture object

This object will allow you show some parts of your desktop on the screen.

The window above will appear as soon as you create the screen capture object. Its size is the same as of the rectangle you drew in the work area. Drag it to the area you would like to show on the screen.

In the upper right corner, there is a two-sided arrow button. Use it to minimize/maximize the main X-Pert Graphics window but leave the Screen Capture window ON. Please, note that if you use the minimize/maximize buttons in the main X-Pert Graphics window; the screen capture dialog will be affected as well.

In the lower left corner, you can find two other buttons that control the mouse pointer. The first one is for showing/hiding it from the screen. The second button will invert the cursor color. Thus, if the background of your desktop is light, you can turn the cursor black, so it will be easier seen on the screen.

When a screen capture object is selected in the work area, the object-specific tool bar will appear under the regular toolbars:

The first two buttons in it duplicate the ones for cursor control in the lower left corner of the Screen Capture window. To the right is the Antialiasing check box. Use it to make the sharp edges smoother, thus avoiding possible aliasing effects on the output.

NOTE: It is not possible to capture overlay video in this object.