Primary Shapes

You can create your own mattes for the text objects directly in the X-Pert Graphics work area. They are true-color with 256-level transparency.

Press the Create Shape button in the object palette and draw a rectangle in the work area. By default, an oval shape will appear in it, and the object-specific toolbar will appear under the standard ones:

The toolbar provides a wide variety of editing options. The drop-down list of available shapes is situated to the far left. The color palette next to it is designated for the background color. You can select it from the available ones, or create it on your own.

Further to the right there is another palette for the fill effects. You can choose between None, Gradient color, or Texture Fill.

The fill and outline effects are the same as in text objects. Check the Roll/Crawl properties section above.

NOTE: The background color serves as an alpha channel to the fill-effect. The background color (and transparency) will be mixed with the fill-color and its transparency.

Use the Radius spin-box to enlarge your objects or to make them smaller.

The next spin-box determines the Outline width. The color palettes next to it are for the background color of the outline and its fill effects respectively. Similar to the shape background and fill, these will be mixed as well.

The Angle value is in degrees and it is valid for polygon and star shapes only.

The Square button  in the far right of this toolbar fixes the aspect ratio of the shape object. It will change your object to fit a square and will keep this shape when you resize it.

WARNING! You will not be able to revert to your previous shape after checking the Square check box.