In this tab you can see thumbnails of all Slides in the current project.

Double-clicking in a slide’s thumbnail will load it in the work area for editing. If you select an object in the work area, its properties will be displayed in the Details area.

Right-clicking in a slide will open a context menu. It contains basic slide controls.

The Play Mode represents the way of showing the slide on the screen in relation to the previously played slide. Please, check the project properties section above for further details.

Sliding the mouse over the Global Layer Links line will open a drop-down list of all Layers available in the Master container.

The Slide Actions list contains four commands related to the Slide Controller. They will be executed when the duration of the current slide is over.

None is the default slide action, no command will be sent to the Slide Controller when the slide duration is over.

Stop Playing – when the duration of the currently selected slide is over, it will send a stop command to the Slide Controller. A small sign  will appear in the lower right corner of the slide thumbnail to notify the operator about the assigned action.

A Jump To… action will make the Slide Controller loop between the current slide and the specified Jump To… slide.

Wait Key Press is a pause command sent to the Slide Controller. Playback of slides will resume at any key stroke. The following sign   will appear in the thumbnail to notify the operator.

Selecting Assign Shortcut will open a shortcut-defining dialog. To define a shortcut, click in the Shortcut string and press the keys you would like to assign.

Below, select the command to be executed at pressing these keys:

Toggle Play/Stop – to show/hide the slide off the screen;

Play From Slide – to start displaying all following slides in a row (via the Slide Controller).

To clear the shortcut, press the X button to the right of it.

All assigned shortcuts will appear in the slide’s thumbnail:

 The blue background means the assigned command is Play From.

 The green background means the assigned command is Toggle Play/Stop.

 The red background means that there is an assigned shortcut to this slide but the Shortcut mode button is not pressed.

The assigned shortcuts will be active only when the  Shortcut mode button is pushed.

NOTE: In shortcut mode, the newly assigned shortcuts have higher priority than the default ones. Thus, while in shortcut mode, the default shortcuts in X-Pert Graphics will operate normally unless duplicated with newly assigned shortcuts. For example, the default command for <Ctrl + H> is Add to schedule, but if you assign <Ctrl> + <H>to be Toggle Play/Stop of a slide, the shortcut will act as Toggle Play/Stop.