Slide Properties


If a  Slide Line is selected, you will see the following properties:

Duration – this is the time (in seconds) for showing the selected slide with the Slide Controller. If you decrease this value to zero, the duration will be set to [Auto]. Auto duration is applicable when there are objects with different duration in the slide. In such a case, the Slide Controller will show the slide until the longest duration is through, then will go to the next slide in the list.

TIP (!) Use it for objects like crawl/roll and animation when they are looped.

Enabled – it is equal to the Enable check box in the slide’s row.

Lock – reflects the padlock status in the slide’s row.

Play mode – how X-Pert Graphics should treat the previous slide on starting the currently selected one. Please, check the project properties above for details.

View Name – click in this line to change the slide name at your will.


If a Layer Line is selected, you will see:

Enabled – shows the status of the Enable check box of the currently selected layer.

Lock – reflects the padlock status in the layer’s row

Visible – shows the status of the Visible/Invisible button.