The first three commands are the same as the project control buttons:

Add Slide – use this command to add a slide at the bottom of the project tree

Add Layer – use this command to add a new layer at the bottom of the currently selected slide

Delete – use this command to remove the currently selected item from the project tree

The Play Control menu allows you to Play, Stop or Pause the currently selected item.

Use the Play Mode menu to add a play mode to the currently selected slide.

You can also enable/disable the following properties:

Visible – this option is only applicable for layers, it shows/hides the currently selected layer.

Enabled–use it to enable/disable the slide/layer.

Locked – use it to lock/unlock the currently selected slide/layer for editing.

Load Template – use this command to load an already created X-Pert Graphics template in the currently selected slide. Select your template from the browser that appears.

Use the Master Base Layer command from the Global Layer Links menu to link the currently selected slide to the master layer. In this way the slide will use the design of the master layer as a base.

Use the Slide Actions menu to assign an action to the currently selected slide:

None – no action will be assigned

Stop Playing – the slideshow will stop playing when it reaches this slide

Jump To… – select an existing slide. Whenever the slideshow reaches this slide, it will jump to the slide you select.

Wait Key Press – the slide will not be executed until you press a key.

If you select the Assign Shortcut command the following dialog will be invoked:

In the Shortcut field enter a key combination by pressing the desired buttons on the keyboard.

In the Command field select the desired command to be executed by the shortcut – Toggle Play/Stop or Play From Slide.

The last four commands relate to the appearance of the project tree:

Expand – expands the currently selected slide/layer

Collapse – collapses the currently selected slide/layer

Expand All – expands the whole project tree

Collapse All – collapses the whole project tree to level one