Level 1

The Project line is situated on top. It displays the filename of the current project. The line control buttons  here have a slightly different functionality as compared to the other lines below. These buttons control the Slide Controller that will play all slides in the project one after the other (see the Slide control section for details). Under the Project line, you will find a list of all unassigned objects (if any). These objects are present in the object but do not belong to any of its slides. Click on the plus sign in the beginning of the Project line to view them. You might need to show/hide such objects manually, without affecting the rest of the project.

The Master Container line is situated right under the Project line. In it, you can create layers to be assigned later to the “regular” Slides below. By using these master layers, you will avoid inserting the same objects in numerous Slides.

For example, if you need a logo shown in Slides 1, 3, 7 below, just create a Layer in the Master container. Then, go to Slide 1, click (left mouse button click) the Assign Layer button and select the logo-containing layer from the drop-down list. Repeat the procedure for Slides 3 and 7. Thus, each time X-Pert Graphics displays Slide 1, 3 or 7, it will also display the logo-containing layer from the Master Container.

Another way to do this is just drag-n-drop the Layer from the Mater Container to the relevant slide.