Dynamic Speed Properties

Pushing the Property tools button  while a Roll/Crawl object is selected will open the Dynamic properties dialog box:

This property dialog box allows you to specify different speeds of the Roll’s and Crawl’s movement.

The movement is represented graphically and you can define the speed of each point of the graphics. The horizontal axis of the graphics represents the position of the Crawl/Roll on the screen. The vertical axis represents the speed multiplier (0; 1; 2; etc.) of the default speed, which is set in the main screen (see the Toolbar section above). The zero value means 0x default speed, i.e., the object does not move; one means 1x default speed, i.e., the object moves with the default speed; two means 2x default speed, i.e., the object moves twice as fast as the default speed, etc.

On the top of the graphics, you can see the object’s (Roll/Crawl) text. By moving the mouse pointer over the grid (the blue lines) or by using the arrow keys, you can select the position in the text, where you would like to change the speed. The text section, which will be displayed at the selected “speed change” point, is enclosed in a frame.

By default, the first point is situated at the beginning of the graphics. A new point is added by pressing the Add  button or by double-clicking in the yellow-squared area.

When you select a position to change its speed, a green point will appear in the grid and its properties (Speed and Position) will be displayed in the Point Properties area to the right. The position’s coordinates are also displayed in the status bar.

If you set a speed of ‘0’ for any position, then you will have to define a delay period. This is the period (in seconds), during which the object will remain stopped. The wait-time appears in a red square under the zero-point.

All points are shown in the Point list to the right of the graphics. Their names are [Point #], where the # stands for the sequential number of the point.

The Align buttons  allow for aligning the selected point toward the previous, the next or the first point in the graphics.

The Default speed field shows the default speed, as it is defined in the main X-Pert Graphics window (see the Toolbar section above).

In the Point Properties area, the following properties of the selected point are shown: Speed, Position, and Time (for zero-speed points only).

The Point list shows the list of all “speed change” points in the object.

The Add button  adds a new “speed change” point in the object graphics.

The Delete button  deletes the selected “speed change” point in the object graphics.