Text and Background Properties

You can edit the common text attributes (such as font selection, size, color, blur, shadow, etc.) and background attributes from another object-specific toolbar:

It appears in the last row of the X-Pert Graphics toolbar when you double-click a Roll/Crawl object. Another way to invoke it is by pressing the Property button  (in the second row of the toolbar) while a Crawl/Roll object is selected.

Write the new texts directly in the object!

NOTE: There is no possibility to insert images as background but you can still insert images and OLE objects in the Roll/Crawl objects.

Pressing  invokes the FontDialogEx dialog, which allows you to manage the font of the selected text. Here you can find all the formatting options, as known from other windows-based editing applications:

Use the Fill Effect button and its additional buttons to modify the colors for your text. You can select None for color, Gradient color, or Texture Fill.

If you click on Gradient color from the drop-down list, you can select from 255 levels of graded transparency and a vast variety of colors.

In the Gradient properties dialog, fix the desired settings:

    Choose a Style for the gradient from the drop-down list:

In the square field to the left drag the cursor to change the gradient positioning.

In the rectangle field below, define the gradient colors and their initial points.

Place the plus-sign cursor in the desired position and click. A black triangle will appear in that position to mark the currently selected point. All other marks will become white.

Double-click on the black triangle to invoke the Color setting dialog.

Modify the color for this color-change point at your will and click OK.

Back in the Gradient properties dialog, you can change the position of the point by dragging it. Also, you can add as many color-change points to the gradient, as you like. Finally, click OK.

Pressing  invokes the Paragraph-formatting dialog box, where you can set all paragraph-formatting options:

The two buttons to the right concern the background. Press Transparency background  to view a transparency background during editing in the preview area.

Text-formatting buttons - font, font size, bold, italics, underlined, text alignment, font color.

Object links buttons.

Push the Insert Picture  button to insert a still picture object link.

Push the Insert OLE Objects button to insert OLE compatible objects. Use the drop-down list to fix their position within the Roll/Crawl object.


(!) TIP: When a Roll, Crawl or Text object is linked to a text file (*.txt or *.rtf), you can insert a still picture in the text – the image will be displayed among the characters, according to the position of its script in the text. Write the following command in the text file:

<BITMAP>[file path of the image file]</BITMAP>

1) Save your image. Let us assume the file name is “logo.bmp” located on D:\
2) Enter the text in a file, for example "Hello, this is a test project".
3) Continue writing the following: <BITMAP>D:\logo.jpg</BITMAP>.
Thus, your text file will be:
Hello, this is a test project <BITMAP>D:\logo.jpg</BITMAP>
It could also be:
Hello, this <BITMAP>D:\logo.jpg</BITMAP> is a test project
Hello, this is a <BITMAP>D:\logo.jpg</BITMAP> test project
Every time you edit the text and save the changes, the text on the output will be refreshed.
If you want to change the picture, change the file name and location part in the script (here it is D:\logo.jpg).
If you want to insert an animated *.gif file in the text, write <MOVIE> instead of <BITMAP>. For example:
Hello, this is a test project <MOVIE>D:\smilie.gif</MOVIE>

NOTE: There is no spell-checker implemented in the X-Pert Graphics text objects (roll, crawl, and text template). You can use some external application for spell-checking and then just copy and paste the text into the X-Pert Graphics object.