Continuity and Queue mode

When a crawl/roll object is selected (single click) the following string appears in the last row of the toolbar: .


The gear-wheel  button opens the Embedded Objects list. This is the one already described for text objects. Please, check above in the Manual.

Speed field - controls the speed of dynamic objects, such as animations, crawls, and rolls. Its value can be positive (right-to-left movement) or negative (left-to-right movement). If zero, the object is frozen.

NOTE: You can change the speed interactively at any moment, even when the object is running on-air.

If the value in the Loop field is [0], the object will be displayed endlessly.

The next three buttons Blank crawl, Glued Scroll, Filled Scroll  refer to the object’s background continuity mode. The first one means that the background will be displayed only while the text is running. The second one will “glue” the texts one after another, without any space in between. The third button will display the background continuously.

The last two buttons in this toolbar Queue, Linked Queue Mode  concern the Queuing functionality. After pressing one of these buttons, X-Pert Graphics will “remember” the changes for background colors and text colors and it will play them one after another, i.e., you will be able to make a queue of color changes (loops). If none of the above buttons is pressed, X-Pert Graphics will show only the latest change. You can choose how to switch between changes (loops) while in play mode:

Use Queue  if you want to display the subsequent loops one by one, i.e., to leave some space between them (empty or with background color, depending on your settings – see the previous paragraph). In addition, use Linked Queue Mode  if you do not want any space between the successive loops in the object. X-Pert Graphics will generate one loop out of all loops in the queue.