Command Script task

This command is used, if you want to create a task based on X-Pert Graphics internal commands. You can refer to the X-Pert Graphics API to learn more about X-Pert Graphics internal commands. In the Command Script dialog you can press <Ctrl+F1> to invoke the API help and <Ctrl+Space> to invoke the list of commands. To exit from the two, press <Esc>.

For example, you can create a Script for loading a new project in X-Pert Graphics:
“PROJECT LOAD=template1.tmpl”

Further you can assign this task to any of the existing events.
Enter the name of the task in the Script Name field. Be aware that if you save your script with a certain name, recognized by X-Pert Graphics, it will be executed automatically under given conditions. Check the Auto-executed Scripts function, described below.
Enter the X-Pert Graphics command into Script text field.
Press OK button to create the task.
If you want to save the script from created task in a file, press the Save Script button
If you want to use an existing script, press Load Script button and select the script file.

Important: In order to use the Script task properly, you need to be familiar with the X-Pert Graphics API commands, which are listed and explained in the X-Pert Graphics API User Manual. To obtain the latter, please contact X-Pert Support team for further assistance on chat button, via e-mail at or phone +359 8 77 66 33 51.