Background properties


If you click once on a text object, the following object-specific toolbar appears in the last line of the X-Pert Graphics toolbar:

The Embeded Object List  button is related to the objects (OLE object or pictures), inserted into the text. Press this button to open the list of all objects that are already inserted into the text objects. The insertion of the objects is described in details in the previous section.

You can set an auto refresh period for the object. Press the Schedule Run  button in the upper left corner to activate this function and set the refreshing period in seconds by using the arrows. Thus, if you update the original file, it will be refreshed automatically in your X-Pert Graphics project. In addition, right-mouse-clicking on an object in the list will invoke a context menu, containing several useful options:

Update – it is valid for OLE objects only;

Size… – you can set a custom size to your inserted item;

Full size – display the original size of the object;

Invert Alpha – inverts an object’s alpha channel;

Update from file – it is valid for picture objects only.

If you want to open an image as a background, push the Backgound Image button . Use the drop-down list to the right to fix its layout in the object (Normal, Stretch, Tile or Center).

Delete the background image by pushing the Clear Background  button.