Text and Background Properties

You can edit the common text attributes (such as font selection, size, color, blur, shadow, etc.) and background attributes from another object-specific toolbar:

This toolbar appears in the last row of the X-Pert Graphics toolbar when you double-click on a Text template object. Another way to invoke it is by pressing the Property button  (in the second row of the toolbar) while a Text object is selected (single click).

Write the new texts directly in the object!

Pressing Font Dialog  invokes the FontDialogEx dialog, which allows you to manage the font of the selected text. Here you can find all the formatting options, as known from other windows-based editing applications:

The Set Default at the bottom button restores the X-Pert Graphics native settings.

NOTE: X-Pert Graphics supports all true type fonts.

Pressing Paragraph Dialog  invokes the Paragraph-formatting dialog box, where you can set all paragraph-formatting options.

The Script State and Script Control areas are related to the use of Arabic language and Arabic (Arabic-Indian) digits in the project.

The Set Default button at the bottom restores the X-Pert Graphics native settings.

The Back Color   button in the toolbar allows you to change the color of the background.

Press Transparency background to view a transparency background in the preview area while editing.

The following fields in the toolbar provide general text-formatting options (font, font size, bold, italics, underlined, text alignment, font color).

The Insert Image button inserts a still picture. Press it to open a browser dialog for selecting a picture image to be inserted inside the text into the text object.

The Insert OLE Objects  button inserts OLE compatible objects.

When you press it, the following dialog will appear:

If you choose Create New, the relevant application opens, and you will be able to create the desired object. Any changes in the relevant OLE object will be visible in X-Pert Graphics, when saved.

If you choose  Create from File, you will be prompted to browse for it. You can create a link, or display it as an icon through checking the relevant box.

The drop-down list for vertical alignment is used to manage the position of the inserted OLE objects into the text object.