This “extra” will help you in managing multiple monitor video wall systems of up to 16 monitors. The files that are usually used for video walls end in *.c#.mpg or *.c#.avi (for example *.c1.mpg or *c3.avi). Just load the first file in the playlist. X-Pert Playout will detect the others automatically.

The trim bar and the buttons above the list of files are designed for control of the entire bunch. The trim bar and the buttons under the preview window are used for control of the currently selected monitor (the one in the red dotted-line frame).

This feature will help you in synchronizing the video wall and will allow you to control each monitor separately. You can also rearrange the display positions of files by drag-and-dropping the relevant squares in the preview window (i.e. file #1 can be displayed on monitor#3, etc.) or by using the blue arrows above the file list. The files in the preview window are arranged horizontally, in up to 4 rows of up to 4 files each. This means that if there are 16 files in the bunch (the most possible), the first row will contain files #1 to #4, the second one will contain files #5 to 8#, etc.

The Create TC file check box is situated at the bottom of the file list. If you check this box, a TC file will be created automatically, saving you settings, such as In and Out points, file order, etc. Thus you will be able to use your settings again the next time you open the relevant file.