Clip Zones

This page is used for registering a set of timecodes (points) in the clip. Thus, you can mark an initial or final timecode of an important zone in the clip. For example, in each movie there are predefined commercial break points that might be used later for automated commercial slot insertion. Those breakpoints can be defined in Clip Trimmer as single split points or zones (blank/stills) that will be skipped, and a commercial slot will be inserted instead.

To add a Zone, set the cursor at the appropriate point and press the Add Zone  button in the page or in the main window. A yellow point appears in the trim bar, showing the beginning of the zone. You can define different zone types, pressing the black arrow of the Add Zone button. It opens a button menu:

- Bookmark – creates a single split point at the current play head position. You can change the Zone name (Bookmark by default) and timecode manually.

- Simple skip zone – creates a two-point zone. The first point is the current play head position; and the second is 5 seconds later, by default. You can change the Zone name and timecodes manually.

- Advanced skip zone – creates a four-point zone. The first point is set at the current play-head position. By default the second point is 1 second later, the third point is 5 seconds later and the fourth point is 6 seconds later. You can change the Zone name (Advanced Zone by default) and timecodes manually.

To add a next marker in the Zone, press the Add Zone marker  button. It will add a marker 10 seconds after the last marker in that zone, by default.

To delete a marker from the Zone, select it and press the Delete Zone marker  button. It will delete all markers, except the first one, which can be deleted only by deleting the whole zone.

To delete a Zone, select it and press the Delete Zone  button from the page or from the main window.

By pressing the Clock buttons, you can choose a display mode of the markers:

 - Time – shows exact timecodes in HH:MM:SS:FF format

 - Offset value – shows the interval between the current marker and the first one.

 - Duration – shows the time difference between two consecutive zone markers.