APPENDIX - 17 - Loop last frame of animation object


Create an animation object (Animation In Memory or Animation File) and place it somewhere at the work area.

A dialog will open. Load your animation and click OK.


NOTE: Do not change any properties in this dialog!


After adding your animation to the preview area, an additional toolbar will become active. In order to see it, click on the animation object:


Start spin-box - number of the frame, after which one the sequence to start.

End spin-box  - number of the frame, before which one the sequence will start.

Loop - To loop the last frame, the value here should be 0.


Example: If the object has 175 frames (as the screenshot above), to loop the last frame you have to set the following values:

Loop - Checked; Count 0; Start frame: 174 (it will be calculated to 173); End: 176 (it will be calculated as 175)