Adding a block will allows you to visually separate a file or group of files from the rest in the playlist.

TIP(!): This functionality can be used for easily recognizing of advertising block.


Once you add the block a new dialog will appear:



The upper bar indicates the X-Pert Playout instance number (#1) and the current playlist name.

Enter block title field allows customization of the block name. Click OK to confirm it and two new rows will appear in the playlist - Block start and Block End.


Both rows contain the following details and columns:

Info column - indicates the row number and contains Show/Hide button. Use this button to show or hide the items in the block.

Thumbnail column - point your cursor here to see basic item properties.

Start time/End time - indicates the start or the end time of the block.

Duration - total duration of the clips, included in the block.  The time manner is in HH:MM:SS.MS (hours: minutes: seconds. milliseconds) 

Block Start/End indication - refers to indicate the title of the row, i.e. the upper block row is the Block Start and the lower block row is the Block End.

Block title - shows the title of the block.