Output Controls


In this section, set your logo transition preferences - entrance and exit effects and transition speed in frames. Click the Preview button to see the result in the canvass.


Both entrance and exit transition effects include: Cut (the logo appears immediately), Fade (the logo image dissolves to transparent/opaque), and Fly (from/to several directions).


NOTE: When the Show on Air checkbox below is checked, all changes to the logo will be output in real time!


On Startup – these options are used to define the logo appearance upon X-Pert Playout  startup:


No Logo – no logo appears when X-Pert Playout is started.


Last used – If there are no Logo preset events in the playlist, the last used logo will appear when X-Pert Playout is started.


Logo 1 – If there are no Logo preset events in the playlist, Logo Preset #1 (from the list) will appear when X-Pert Playout is started.


Show on Air - check this box if you want to display the logo while you are editing it.


NOTE: The picture format depends on the decoder. The 32-bit RGBA files are most preferable, but TGA, JPG and PSD files are widely supported too.

IMPORTANT: You will not have fade transition when displaying Logo and Subtitles simultaneously on the DeckLink platforms!