Logo Preset Section


The Logo Preset field contains a list of logo presets available for use.


To add a new preset, click Add and select a logo image from the popup dialog. You will see the image Logo panel to the right.


To change an existing preset, select it from the Presets list and click the Edit button. To remove a logo preset, select it and click Delete.


From the drop down list under the Add button, select the Matte Color – this is the background color, which should be mixed with transparent colors, and removed from the logo image.


The Invert alpha button – inverts the alpha key of the logo (if the original picture file has an alpha).


Use the up and down arrows to move between available logos presets. You can enter a preset name in the field at the top of the preset list. Change the view of the list at any time from the drop-down menu next to the preset name field.