Upper part of the window:

In the upper part of the window you can include additional metadata, related to the content of the clip. This information can be entered manually or by dragging from X-Pert Compact MAM. In all cases you need to specify some metadata categories that will accommodate the relevant metadata values.

For example, the Name of a metadata category is [Producer] and the Value is [a person/ a company].Thus, if you have the producer’s name in X-Pert Compact MAM [Person] and map it to X-Pert Playout [Producer], that information will be transferred automatically when you drag clips from X-Pert Compact MAM to the playlist grid.

You can use these fields in graphic rules, to present information that does not appear in the playlist columns.

Click on the [Metadata name] cell to enter the name that will be used as reference in the Graphic Rules. In the [Metadata value] cell enter the additional information that should be presented in the graphics while this clip is on air.

Please, refer to the Graphic rules section for detailed explanation about the metadata implementation.

Except for showing information about the currently playing clip, metadata categories can be used for changing the links to picture and sound objects in X-Pert Graphics. Thus, you can change the image, shown in a picture object, or the sound that is played in a sound object.

All you have to do here is:

1. Specify the Metadata name in the left column

For example: [new picture]

2. Specify the file path to the new media to load in the column to the right.

For example: [E:\Pictures\pic\A Dark Night.jpg]

NOTE: The file path should be local for the X-Pert Graphics machine!!!

Thus, you will have [new picture] [E:\Pictures\pic\A Fantastic Voyage.jpg] in one of the rows. Then, go to Settings -> Graphic rules and set the conditions and action offset time. Please, check the Graphic rules section for details.

IMPORTANT: Make sure not to use tab characters in the metadata fields! Otherwise, the saved metadata will not be interpreted correctly.