The WatchDog plug-in is used in X-Pert Graphics systems working on pass-through mode. Its purpose is to switch the by-pass relay card in case of X-Pert Graphics crash, in order to bypass a video signal.

The WatchDog works with a dedicated X-Pert Bypass relay card. You can read more about this card in Appendix 4 in this manual.

You need to have an installed X-Pert Bypass relay card in order to configure the WatchDog plug-in.

When you press the Configure WatchDog button, the following window opens.

Activate the plug-in first by double-clicking on the entry under the Activated column next to the corresponding Plugin, so that the [No] text in it turns to [Yes]. Then press the Setup button to open the set-up window:

In the Device Select field you will see the list of the installed Bypass Relay cards. Select the card you need and press OK.

Important: Even if there is only one Bypass Relay card installed, select it from the Device Select field and press theOK button, for the setting to take effect.