General Options

These options allow for defining the colors, the safe area, and the grid of the Work area:

          Workspace – set a color for the area that surrounds the workspace.

Back Color – set a background color for the workspace.

 Back image – you can select an image for background via the browser  button.

 Work Area – set a color for the borderline of the work area.

Preview Mode - set a background color for the workspace, when it is in preview mode.

 Safe Frame – check it to view the safe area in the workspace. You can adjust its size by using the [H] and [V] percentages to the right.

Safe Frame color – choose the color for the safe area border.

 View Grid/ Grid color – check the box to see the grid and select its color. The grid is very useful when you resize your objects.

 Snap to Grid – check this box to align the objects in the project to the grid. Use the [X] and [Y] spin-boxes to define the distance between two neighboring points in the grid.

Max Undo Count – specify the number of latest actions to be saved in the undo history. Please, note that the higher number here means higher memory usage.

NOTE: You cannot undo removing objects!

 Show Objects Icons – check this box to enable showing the objects icons in the upper left corner of each object in the work area.

Process Priority – this slider will affect all other programs running on the system. Please, do not change the default setting, unless advised so.

 Create backup on save project – check this box to if you want X-Pert Graphics to create a backup file of your project every time you save it. The backup file will be saved in the same folder, in which your current project is saved, and it will be with extension *.backup

On Startup – here you can select the start mode of X-Pert Graphics.