APPENDIX 9 – Windows Configurations for Using Non-English Object Names in X-Pert Playout – X-Pert Graphics Net Control Mode

The following instruction is applicable for users who work with non-English languages for X-Pert Graphics objects and use X-Pert Graphics together with X-Pert Playout. Execute the steps, provided below and you will be able to use X-Pert Graphics objects in your target language.

 NOTE: If you are using X-Pert Graphics and X-Pert Playout on different machines, make sure to make the following configurations on both machines.

1.Go to the Windows Start Menu and type Region Settings in the search bar.


1.From the Country of region drop-down list select the corresponding location, relative to the language you are using.

2.Go to the Additional date, time & regional settings in the upper right portion of the window:

     1. Click Region, Administrative tab, Change system locale... A new dialog will be invoked:

1.From the dialog, displayed above, select the language you are using.