The Transition tab accommodates settings, related to transitions between clips in the playlist. The transition settings are applied to the beginning of the currently selected clip.

Check  Set transition to enable the transition.

Specify the transition Duration (in frames) in the spin-box below.

The Type drop-down list contains all currently supported transitions. Choose the one you need from here.

 Trim the source clip with the transition duration – This checkbox is enabled only when you apply transition for the first time. Check this box to shorten the previous clip with the duration of the transition ensuring that enough video and audio content will be available for the transition. When this box is checked, the previous clip will be trimmed in accordance to the frames, set in the Duration spin-box when you press OK button.

For example, assume that your X-Pert Playout is running in PAL mode (25 frames per second), and you have set a new transition with Duration of 50 frames, i.e., 2 seconds, to Clip 2. Assume further that the preceding item in the playlist is Clip 1, which is 10 seconds long. Once you press OK button Clip 1 will be automatically trimmed, so that its duration is reduced by 2 seconds, to 8 seconds. Thus, when Clip 2 starts, it will begin with a transition, displaying the last 2 seconds of Clip 1.

NOTE: The clips that precede clips with applied transition in the playlist are trimmed immediately after OK button of dialog applying transition is pressed. Thus, if you want to change any transition duration during playout, you have to trim its preceding playlist item manually, by modifying the duration settings in the General tab of the Clip Properties dialog.

NOTE: Even if you have set the Type of transition to None, the clip preceding the transition will still be trimmed if the source clip with the transition duration option is checked.

If you want to keep these settings for other transitions in the playlist, press Set as default.