Preview Output Driver settings

This driver is used only for preview. It is not meant to be used as an output driver.

In the Video Source field you can select the background, on which X-Pert Graphics graphics will be overlaid. Just press on the radio button that corresponds to your needs. For Image and Media File you have to use the browse button and enter the file-path of your desired file, and for Capture Device you should select the device you are using from the drop-down menu.

From the Filters List field select the appropriate filter.

The Output Monitor field becomes available if you have more than one monitors, connected to your machine. Then you can select which monitor to show the preview window.

The Options area allows you to flip your video or graphics by 90 degrees by checking the relevant Flip Video and Flip Graphics boxes. If you check the Loop box your Project will be looped.

The Fields Type drop-down list allows you to select whether to preview the Full Frame, Field 1 First, or Field 2 First.

Finally, the Play and Stop  buttons at the bottom allow you to initiate or terminate the preview of your Project.