Universal Render Device settings

Mixer Configuration - use this setup to select AJA model card you are using on the server and the preferred output. After the selection, new window will be opened and you will be able to choose Video Standard you need and the Keying options.

External Keying - used when you want your alpha channel key, and the video graphic fill, to output through separate AJA SDI outputs for use with an external video mixer.

Internal Keying - means that the video input, keying, and resulting video output, are all performed internally within the one AJA workstation

Mix Input Key  - means that X-Pert Graphics will accept keying commands from both internal and external devices.

Runtime settings - Here you can setup the Mixer Control settings and Genlock preferences.

Mixer Control 

Genlock - GenLock (short for generator lock) is a common technique, where the video output of one source, or a specific reference signal, is used to synchronize other television picture sources together.

Here you can define a Source Genlock and Offset of Horizontal and Vertical resolution.

To complete the configuration click on Setup.