Utah Master Control Playout Configuration

This functionality allows configuration of the Utah Master Control Output.

Press Configure button and dialog like the one below will appear: 



Select the Com Port and press Setup to adjust the additional settings for it:

NOTE: Please check the documentation, provided by the device manufacturer for recommended settings. If unsure, leave the default values. 




Bit per second – specifies the data transmission speed in bits.


Data bits - – specifies the number of bits that represent one character of data.


Party - specifies the type of parity bit used for detection of errors in transmission. Available options are: Even (even parity bit), Odd (odd parity bit), None (no parity bit is added and error detection is handled by the communication protocol), Mark (parity bit is always 1, present but not used), Space (always 0, present but not used).


Stop bits - specifies the number of bits, sent at the end of every character. Stop bits are used by the receiving device to resynchronise with the character stream.


Flow Control - specifies the method for control of the data transmission rate between the COM port and the device, used to prevent issues if data is sent faster than the device can receive it.  


Restore Defaults - Using this command will also reset all fields in COM Port Properties to their default "factory settings".