Media Folders

This option is used for searching for files, described in the database, but not presented in the respective folders. The search concerns only the main instances of the records.

In the Media Folders window you can create a list of search locations.

Active –  check this cell to permit searching in the selected folder.

SubFolders –  check it to search in the subfolders as well.

Path – the searching location; double-click in the field to open the browse window.

Media Type – which Media Type to be assigned to the record’s instance.

To add a new line in the window, i.e., a new searching location, press the Plus  button. To delete a line, select it and press the Minus  button.

Check Scope section – it is used to define the scope of records, within which the search will be carried out. You have the following options:

o All records in the database

o All visible in the grid records

o Selected records only

 Log search progress – If this box is checked , the search progress will be shown in the bottom area of the window.

 Check file size – check this to perform a checking for the file.

 Save old trim points – check this, if you want to save already entered trim points into the record.

Press Check button  to start the search.