APPENDIX 4 – X-Pert GPI board and Bypass Relay board

The GPI Relay board has 4 GPI Inputs, 4 GPI Outputs with Relays, 1 Bypass relay (up to 2.6GHz)

The following table is showing the pinout of the 15pin connector

Main IN is the signal which is coming from outside the system

Main OUT is the signal which is going outside the system

System IN is the Bypassed system input

System OUT is the Bypassed system Output

All GPI inputs are using optocouplers.

All GPI outputs are relays. Both side of the contact are available on the 15pin connector.



Technical Specification

Board size: 100x90mm

Bypass Relay:

-Tested Resolutions: PAL, NTSC, 720p50/60, 1080i50/60/59.94

-Contact switch time: 10ms

GPI Output:

-Maximum switching current: 0.7A

-Maximum switching Voltage: 220V AC

-Maximum switching capacity: 40W

-Minimum switching voltage: 250uV

-Resistive load: min 100 000 operations

-Contact switch time: 10ms

GPI Input:

-Maximum voltage to the input: 12V

Board Power:

-Using Floppy type connector from the machine

-Board Maximum Current: without using the +5V VCC on the connector 300mA

Board control: Through USB (using internal connector is highly recommended)