APPENDIX 3 – Integration of X-Pert Playout with X-Pert Graphics

X-Pert Graphics settings:

1) Run Programs > X-Pert Technology Ltd. > X-Pert Graphics > PLNetInst.exe and select a folder for your X-Pert Graphics templates.

2) Create your X-Pert Graphics projects.

3) Export them via Network > Export project as template, giving them respective names.

4) *.tmpl (template) files are exported in the templates folder.

5) Go to Project\Options, look at Network tab. Remember the X-Pert Graphics channel ID and Port values. Confirm any changes.

6) Go to Network > Net control. Run it.

That's all for X-Pert Graphics. Now it stays in standby mode and executes the commands coming from X-Pert Playout. Please note that it is not possible to edit objects in X-Pert Graphics while in this mode.

X-Pert Playout settings:

1) Go to Settings  Modules, then to Remote control tab. Enable X-Pert GraphicsNetCtrl Output setting with Yes. Click Configure.

Enter same Channel ID and Port values as in X-Pert Graphics settings. Confirm.

 2) Go to Events  Add/Insert event  X-Pert GraphicsNetCtrl Output

3) There are two modes for event insertion - 'Wizard' or 'Advanced' (selectable through the Advanced button). You are recommended to choose the 'Wizard' mode for now. The functions are self-explanatory, but since this module is still under development, some of them are not functioning as desired..

4) In 'Wizard' mode you can choose between Template Control  and Play Project - the first one is for global X-Pert Graphics control commands; the second one is for project/objects control commands.

5) If you have entered Play Project mode, further you can select your project by list - all exported template projects should appear in this list. Select a whole project or some objects from it.

6) Click Finish. That’s it!

Run X-Pert Playout. When the time for a X-Pert Graphics event approaches, respective commands are being sent to X-Pert Graphics and it runs the appropriate objects.