Universal Matrix Plug-in

This plug-in is related to the use of the Universal Matrix Controller (UMC). You can read more about it in the Universal Matrix Controller section, further in this manual.

The UMC is a server application, installed on a separate server(s). It is an intermediary in the communication between X-Pert Ingest and the video matrices in the local network. It communicates with all type of matrices known from X-Pert Ingest- Kramer Switcher, Elpro Switcher, Acappella, Concerto, etc.

In the near future, the Universal Matrix Plug-in will replace all currently existing matrix plug-ins in X-Pert Ingest.

Communication settings:

Broadcast addresses – The UMC automatically scans the network and locates the available broadcast addresses. You can enable or disable broadcasting to a specific address by checking/un-checking the respective checkbox.

Ports – The default port for sending data to the clients is 4443. The default port, listened to by UMC is 4444.

Under Local cache, specify your preferences for cached unit configurations. Check Enable last known local unit configuration to set the last configuration used locally (on the currents server). Click Import unit configuration to use settings from another server, from a local or network folder.


NOTE: This option will delete all unit configuration, stored in the local cache!


Click Remove local cache to delete all unit configurations on the current server.