This Main menu item allows you to define a subjective measuring of the visual quality of an instance. Different quality levels can be user-defined. If a new instance with different quality is received later, this data field will help you determine which instance is better.

A new Quality  is added by pressing the New icon  from the menu-bar or by right-clicking and selecting New from the context menu. Doing so will open a dialog box where you can enter the name of the new quality and define a color for it.

To change the name or the color of a Quality level, select it and press the Property icon  in the menu-bar. You can also do that by right-clicking on it and choosing Properties.

To delete a Quality level, select it and press the Delete icon  in the menu-bar or right-click it and then click Delete.

The Up  and Down  arrows in the menu-bar are used for changing the Qualities’ order.