Media Types

It defines the types of media that is typically used in a TV facility – CD, DVD, DVCAM, DVCPro etc.

There is a list of predefined media types in the left area of the window.

To add new Media Types button right-click in the left area and then click New from the context menu. A dialog box appears to enter the name of the new media type.

To rename a Media Type, right-click on it and select Rename. To delete a Media Type, right-click on it and then press Delete.

When you select a Media Type from the list, its properties are displayed to the right and you can edit them:

Name – media name.

Prepared time – the time needed to start playback from this media type. This time should account for the time needed to bring it (out) from an archive and upload it to the online storage.

Color – chose color for media type color-coding;

Properties – define if the media is Rewritable, Random Access, and/or Archive.

When Archive is checked, the Archive field in New Record -> Instances -> Media becomes editable. This field describes the physical location of the program instance.

When Random Access is checked, the fields InPoint and OutPoint in New Record  Instances  Media become non-editable.

NOTE: DO NOT set Random access for video tapes.