TB DirectShow Driver settings


If X-Pert Graphics works as a standalone application, you have to select [TB DirectShow] driver. The following windows will appear:

Output Buffer Size – this is the output X-Pert Graphics resolution.

If you select a Custom resolution in Output Buffer Size, then the next Width and Height fields became available for entering your resolution values.

In Aspect X/Y fields enter the aspect for the display resolution.

FPS stands for Frames per second setting.

Format is a video formats - RGB, UYVY, etc.

Renderer – this drop-down list shows all available direct show renderers on this machine. Select the DeckLink video renderer here.

Work Area – it is not in use in the current version.

Flip – check the check-box, in order to flip the output graphics at 90 degrees.

Fields Type – select the field order here from the drop-down list.

Keying Type – here you can select the type of the keying (or no keying). Some support either "Internal Key" or "cc" only. Other DeckLink cards support both keying types.

Internal keying means that the video input, keying, and resulting video output, are all performed internally within the one DeckLink workstation.

External keying is used when you want your alpha channel key, and the video graphic fill, to output through separate DeckLink SDI outputs for use with an external video mixer.

Please, refer to the DeckLink documentation for more information about supported keying.