Live stream

A live event could be either a UDP stream, or a Live video stream, as selected in the Type field of the Source tab. The live video stream comes from a video source, defined in Live Input from Settings menu  Output -> Live -> Inputs tab.

Important: The name is case sensitive.

If you are going to use some transition in the beginning of the event, select the Transition Type and Transition Duration in the relevant fields in the Transition tab.

The URL field (the command for X-Pert Playout) is generated automatically as you type in the above fields (for UDP or for Live stream). You could also enter a command directly in the URL field.


If you use streams (UDP or Live) that come from the same sources, you could create some presets via the Preset field at the bottom of the dialog window. Thus, the next time you need the stream, you can just insert the relevant preset instead of setting up the whole information again. Read more about the preset option in the Clip properties section above.

You can also configure the Fixed-time, Transition, and Metadata settings of the above events. For detailed information about these options, please read the relevant sections above.