Right-mouse click over a row invokes a pop-up menu of playlist and events commands:

Add – activates a drop-down list for appending various items to the end of the playlist. See their detailed description in the Edit menu -> Add section.

Insert – opens a drop-down list for inserting various items before the currently selected item in the playlist. The Add and Insert drop-down lists are identical.

Delete – deletes the selected playlist row(s); a dialog asks confirmation before the deletion.

Jump – click it to interrupt the currently playing clip and jump to the currently selected (highlighted) item in the playlist.

Loop – marks the selected clip for repeating until this option is cancelled. To remove the check, just right-click in the clip and choose Loop again.

NOTE: This action differs from the Clip Loop button #, which loops the currently playing clip (not the currently selected one).

Auto update – use it to include the currently selected clip(s) in the automatic file duration checking. It will update the duration of your clips if the files associated with them have been, or will be, changed.

NOTE: You have to enable this option first in Settings -> General -> General -> Auto update duration of marked files. The file checking interval should also be set there.

Override QC restriction – if you have defined a QC restriction in Settings -> General -> Quality Control, and a particular file does not satisfy these restrictions, it will be marked red, just like a missing file. Thus, this menu option allows you to override the QC setting and play this particular file. The setting is applied only once during the current playout.

Cut/Copy/Paste  these options are self-explanatory.

Clip Trimmer – opens the Clip Trimmer application (if it is enabled in Settings -> General -> General -> Use Clip Trimmer. Otherwise, the Clip Properties dialog will open). Find detailed information about the Clip Trimmer in the section of the same name at the end of this manual.

Properties – opens a window with clip’s properties.