Drag and Drop


This page allows importing additional metadata from X-Pert Compact MAM when dragging clips into X-Pert List and X-Pert Playout. All explanations in this paragraph apply for both X-Pert List and X-Pert Playout.

As the General clip properties in X-Pert List can accommodate a limited number of data, now you can use the Metadata page of clip properties in X-Pert List to add as many additional fields, as necessary.

All you have to do is map the relevant fields in X-Pert Compact MAM to the corresponding Metadata categories in X-Pert List.

The gray column to the left of this tab contains a list of all fields available in X-Pert Compact MAM. The column to the right of it allows you type the names of the metadata fields in X-Pert List. Thus, you can map the Person from X-Pert Compact MAM to the Producer metadata in the clips’ properties in X-Pert List.

NOTE: This mapping does not affect the standard drag-n-drop operation of X-Pert Compact MAM: Even if you do not assign the X-Pert Compact MAM Title to the corresponding Title field in X-Pert List, it will still be transferred to the relevant cell in the General clip properties. However, if you want to copy the X-Pert Compact MAM Title to a metadata field as well, you will have to type that field’s name here.