User Interface

The interface of the As-Run Log is very simple and user-friendly.


The largest area in the As-Run Log is dedicated to displaying messages about all the events that take place in the local X-Pert Graphics instances, which have enabled logging. Each Message contains information about the Instance, to which it refers, as well as the Time/Date of the event.



The toolbar allows you to perform the following simple commands:

 Clear window – press this button to clear the log window.

 Copy selected lines – press it to copy the currently marked lines from the log. Use the <Shift> and <Ctrl> keys to select lines.

 Save to file – press this button to save the current log messages to file.

 Pause messages – press this button to temporary stop logging messages.

 Options…- press this button to invoke the Options dialog, which looks like the image below:

Use the check-boxes to configure the following:

 Show on startup – check this box if you want to view the As-Run Log when you initiate X-Pert Graphics.

 Show on message received – check this box if you want the log to be displayed every time it receives a message from X-Pert Graphics.

 New messages added to the bottom check this box if you want the log messages to be displayed at the bottom of the field as opposed to the top.

In the Maximum number of lines to keep specify the number of lines you wish to keep visible in the As-Run Log interface. You can enter a maximum of 1,000,000 lines. If you enter 0, then the log will display all messages without clearing any lines.