Assigning a task to an event

To assign a task to an event, you have to open the Assign Task dialog. It is available after right mouse clicking on an object in X-Pert Graphics project and selecting Assign Task from menu.

You will see the list of already created tasks. If there are no tasks, first create them into Task area of the window.

Select an event from the available events and then select a task from Task list. Press the Create Task button in the bottom of the Assign task window

In the right side of the Assign Task window, you can see the list of all tasks related to the currently selected object.

If you want to see the tasks related to another object, just select this object and press the  Task list button from the main X-Pert Graphics window.

To see the tasks, which are not related to any object (keyboard shortcuts), unselect all objects in X-Pert Graphics and press the  Task list button.

There is a specific definition, if you want to control the whole X-Pert Graphics project on incoming GPI signal.

To invoke the global Assign GPI event window, unselect all objects in X-Pert Graphics project, right mouse click and select Assign GPI event from menu.

Select the PC COM port and the type of the GPI signal which will be received (CTS, DSR, RING or RLSD).

In the lower part of the screen, select the Command which X-Pert Graphics have to execute when the GPI signal is received. There are three possible commands: Play, Stop and Toggle.

In the example from screenshot above, when on port COM1 a CTS signal is received, X-Pert Graphics will start to play the current project.