Objects events

The available object’s events are: Play, Stop, Pause, AutoStop, Loop, End display old data, Start display new data, End Input transition, Start Output transition, Data Ready, Property Change.

AutoStop – this event concerns rolls, crawl, and animation objects. This event is generated when a number of loops for the object is set and the last loop is executed.

End display old data and Start display new data events are connected to changing of the content into the rolls, crawls and animations. Because of the nature of these objects, it is possible to have both – old content and new content on screen. The End display old data event happens when the old data stops to be visible on the screen. And the Start display new data event happens when new data become to appear on the screen.

Data Ready – this event is related to changing the data into an object. When the new data is ready to be displayed, than Data Ready event is happening.

Property Change - The event is related to changes making in the property of the object. When the new property of the object is changed, than Property Change event is happening.