One of the main features of the grid is the drag-n-drop functionality. It allows dragging clips within the playlist and from one grid to another (from X-Pert Compact MAM/X-Pert List to X-Pert Playout or from any folder to X-Pert Playout). If <Ctrl> is being held while dragging a clip in the playlist, the executed operation will be Copy. By default, each internal (in the grid) dragging means Move and dragging between two windows (similar to Windows Explorer) is Copy. Clips that have already been played-back are grey and cannot be moved, but can be copied.

Pointing with the mouse cursor at a playlist’s row displays a hint containing the clip’s file name and IN /OUT timecode values.

Double-click over a clip invokes the Clip Trimmer (if it is enabled from Settings -> General -> General ->Use clip trimmer). If you trim a clip in the playlist, the change will not be permanent, but valid ONLY for this playlist. If you add the same clip to another playlist, it will appear un-trimmed there.

A detailed description of Clip Trimmer can be found further in this user’s manual.

If the use of Clip Trimmer is not enabled, the clip’s properties dialog will open.