Task Manager

Task Manager is an instrument for creating specific tasks in X-Pert Graphics.

A task is an action, which is executed in X-Pert Graphics (like play object, stop object, etc.). The Task usually is performed, when happens a specific condition. The condition (trigger) on which Task is executed is defined by user.

The condition (trigger), on which the task is performed, is called event. An event could be the object’s status (like play, stop, etc.) or a command (like incoming GPI signal; X-Pert Graphics internal command, etc.).

First you have to create a task, and then you can assign this task to an event.

Example1 : Suppose that the user wants to start Object1 when Object2 stops. Then the task, which has to be created is “Start Object1” and the condition, i.e. the event is “OnStop Object2”.

Example 2:  if the user wants to start Object1, when a GPI signal comes. Then the task is “Start Object1” and the event is incoming the GPI signal.
Example 3: Another example: To generate a GPI signal when Object1 starts, then the task is “GPI” and the event is “OnStart Object1”.