RSS/Atom Data Provider II

As mentioned before, Data Provider II shows all lines of RSS source together into the linked object. The different lines are separated by some delimiter.

Choose Data Provider II from the list of available plug-ins and press Add button. The following window will open.

In RSS/Atom Feed field enter the URL of the RSS feed.

Check Limit check-box if you want to limit the number of displayed lines and enter the number of lines into the next field. By default, Limit check-box is checked and the number of lines is five.

Then enter the Delimiter sign. If the source channel provides the Channel image, you can select Use Channel Image check-box. If it is checked, but there is no channel image, then the X-Pert Playout channel image will be shown by default. If you want to use your own picture as delimiter, you can use bitmap or movie tags into the field. Inserting of the bitmap or movie tags is the same like for text objects. See here for description.

NOTE: RSS data providers works with Internet Explorer only. You need Internet Explorer v.8.0 or higher.

NOTE: It is possible to see RSS data in X-Pert Graphics differently ordered than it is visible in the RSS source site. It is because some RSS sources (news channels for example) give opportunity to user to order the visible into browser data differently - by date or by title, etc., while X-Pert Graphics data-provider extracts the data from the original *.xml file of the RSS and there is no possibility to re-arrange their order.

TIP (!) You can use the Downloader.exe, described in XML data provider section for downloading RSS feed first. It is useful in case the link to the RSS breaks.